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#84: Wind of Change
#84: Wind of Change

Back in Businessland

I am officially ashamed of myself.
I logged in and saw that it's been somewhat around 6 MONTHS since I updated Tiny Thoughts. Unholy shit am I stupid or what. I could try to explain but I'm still an ass. Simply put, I've been busy. With so much different stuff it'd take me 5 hours to write it all down. Especially the summer. Work work work. Travel travel travel. Go here, visit these, do this. But now that's over and a new chapter of my life has begun.

Currently I'm studying the second year at Serios Sequential Art school in Vingåker. It started the first of September and I went there for four days before I went to Enköping for a job involving taking care of a couple's two cats and fishes. They have so far been away for one and a half week and will be returning this Wednesday. I'm writing the script and designing the characters for my comic project while here so I'm not skimping out of school.

During these days I've been here I promised myself to draw one comic page a day besides the school work, centered about what happened that day. So far I've kept that promise and am about to sketch page 12 soon today. This means I got 11 finished and realised I could upload them in the Tiny Thoughts archive which I've been neglecting for TOO DAMN LONG. It's not the same as TT but I hope the stupid humor, whatever there is of that, will amuse you who have missed TT, and maybe put a little smile on your faces. Because that's really all I make these pages and strips for.
Your enjoyment.
And the feeling of doing something for others.

With that said, I'm sorry. Sorry for not updating this thing for half a year. Sorry for doing stuff I didn't like doing instead of making you chuckle a bit.

Now enjoy what with a little effort and your love will be a regularly updated comic.

posted by Mazzera on September 18th, 2011, 3:55 pm   ||   1 comments

Anybody there?

Hello? Do anyone read these things?
If so, I'm letting you know why I haven't been updating TT for awhile now. Currently I'm working on my final project which is a 24 page comic book, and it's worn me out. I don't get home until 6-7 pm (I leave for school at 7.30 am in the mornings) and as soon I get home it's more work. This has left me SLIGHTLY exhausted/depressed and in no mood to spend about 1 hour on a strip.
Yeah I'm that slow.

So until I'm finished with writing my manuscript (GAH!) there will only be sporadic updates. Mostly intermission strips made in Photoshop.

Man those are easy.
Unlike my script. GHAAAAAAA!

posted by Mazzera on December 6th, 2010, 9:26 am   ||   2 comments

An Introduction Of Sorts

First post...

I guess I should start by saying hi and welcome to my site and "Tiny Thoughts". It seems like I've gotten a few fans already, but I haven't gotten any comments. I would be happy to hear what you think about this little project of mine, and even happier to get to know you.
So don't be afraid of commenting, whether it's critique or credit. I will read 'em all, but I won't reply to any rude comments/insults.

And of course you can always drop by my Formspring:
and ask me stuff.

Well, I'm off to new adventures!

... No, I'm just going to sleep so I can work myself to death tomorrow. Yikes, conventions are much work.

posted by Mazzera on July 27th, 2010, 5:50 pm   ||   0 comments