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» Comics - #21: Showing Some Skins - August 21st, 2010, 11:00 am

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Gotta catch 'em all!

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The Management Says:
Mazzera, August 21st, 2010, 1:36 pm ( Reply )

A Spectra Of Personalities
Dressing up is fun, and even funnier when it's your RPG characters you dress up as. The first (green) one is Elliot, my very first character ever. Her campain (story/adventure) lasted 2 years, quite a long time for just one adventure.

The second is Tive of Mistmarsh, a spiritual magician and shapeshifter who has saved the emipre she lives in several times togheter with her friends (the other gamers in my group). This campain is still going on, after what? 1 year? 1½? Lost count.

Third is Antalya "Ana" Firij, a rather new creation (only some months old) from a sci-fi RPG. She's a pilot, a player and too full of herself... Which has kind of resulted in her and the rest of the group to be shot dead. But a doctor saved them secretly in exchange for them to go and take revenge on Lama, the crime syndicate which killed them. So now her new name is Iba Cantara, which she don't like that much.

Fourth and last is Cathleen "Cat" Fox, a scout/hunter from the game Western. She is the newest one of all my RP's (role-person's), made last friday, but I already love playing her. She can stand up for herself when needed, but rather hides since it's no use wasting HER life. "Let other morons do it" as she would say. She so far has managed to always hit the bad guys on the first shot, and packing a heavy repeter-rifle, they all died quickly. Although another gamer (one who played a gunman/pistolero) took the credit for her killing of a highly wanted criminal, Stickley, she doesn't mind. Hates the attention... And nosy reporters. So let him have it.

I have many many more characters, I might do more "dressing up"-strips with them. We'll see.

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